In my earlier articles, I have told you the steps involved in making a successful lead generation campaign and some other important things surrounding it.

Today, let’s go a little deeper of promoting offers.

With a great analysis of your budget, prospects and the market, you are throwing offers to attract more customers for your business. That’s really a good thing. Thereafter, you need to promote the offer to fulfill the target, don’t you?

Then where to promote your offers?

Again a research is needed. You are surrounded by too many platforms, including some no good ones too. There may be a chance of your strategies backfire on the platforms.

For your rescue, I’m listing some effective platforms here where you can promote your offers to get results.


1. Your Web Pages

When you have people visiting your website, nothing can be effective than your website itself to promote your offer. Drive them to your beautiful landing page where they can redeem the offer.

Place the CTA buttons, linking to the landing page,  on your website. While people who are in the midst of the sales cycle visiting your website, they easily tend to redeem such offers thereby giving you valuable lead information.

alexa promoting offers on web pages for lead generation

You can see in the picture that is promoting its 7day Free Trial offer on its homepage.


2. Your Blog Pages

Running a blog for your business is one of the effective methods of marketing it. Expecting a solution for their problems, people visit your blog. So, they are one of the biggest traffic sinks.

If you promote your offers on your blog pages, most of your prospects will see your offers and would make a conversion.

smt promoting on blog pages for lead generation

In the above picture, you can see SocialMediaToday promoting its early-bird offer on its blog page.


3. Email signatures

This can be one of the most effective places to promote your offers. Web pages and blog pages may not be sure of the visitors if they are your prospects. If they are not the right audience, they would simply evade the CTA button.

But email marketing is perfect always. With email marketing, you are reaching your prospects personally. So, the chances of them converting for your offers is more.

alexa on email signature for lead genenration

4. Social Media

This is the all-time favorite of most of the marketers, I suppose. Getting a huge fanbase, connecting with tons of alike people or anything engaging is possible on social media.

So, gear up your promotional campaigns on your favorite social networks and share the link to your landing pages. This helps you in reaching more number of prospects and generating more quality leads.

google offers on social media for lead generation

5. Press Releases

I don’t know how far all the above methods help you with SEO, apart from lead generation. But press releases help you with this aspect as well.

Just as you do it on blog posts with anchor text, do the same on press releases as well, when you are launching a new product with an offer. Press releases build trust and help with SEO as well.

These are the five effective places where you can promote your offers to get the maximum results. However, you are going to make PPC campaigns on search networks and social media platforms. So in our next article, I will be telling you how to make effective PPC campaigns for lead generation.