Late in the year 1990’s when the Internet was in its adolescence period, a phenomenon took place which can bring a great change for the businesses and this phenomenon came to be known as Blogging. And now we all know the importance of blogging and to let you know the way to generate leads with your blogs, we are here.

So before let you know the ways to generate leads with your blogs, let’s first peep into few reasons why you should consider blogging for lead generations.


Importance of Blogging


It was found in many businesses, blogging, let the followers know more about the company’s news and events. And if you manage to do it in a right way, it can establish your authority in any particular field and also boost your SEO.


You are to craft a post that would educate your customers about your services and products and the field which your business is belonging by doing this you yourself are going to get the resources. Not only this, the more valuable pages you will publish, the more you are able to get appreciable search engines results. As a result, you can get more viewers via search.

It was found that companies which have supported blogging are able to receive 97% more links for their site. Also, we all know that Google considers the inbound links as the most important factor to rank your website.    

But what happens when the visitors move on to them? There you have to grab them in, coverage their attention, provoke them for the call to action and then convert them into customers. But before this, you have to grab their personal details through the process which we call as lead generation.

So here are some of the techniques which you need to follow while lead generation.


1. Use CTA


 Use CTA


CTA is a technique which we call as call-to-action. This is used to provoke your readers to perform an action. It is the way to divert your readers towards your landing page. Surprisingly, this technique is underused in the blog posts. If you are writing a blog to generate leads, then prefer including a link in your blog post.  


2. Prefer “Hello Bar”


Prefer “Hello Bar” for lead generation


If you have seen a website which has a “Hello Bar” on the top of the page then you have visited one of the most popular ways which are used to generate leads.

This hello bar includes Call-to-action which helps you to drive traffic towards your landing page and the squeeze page.  If by chance the viewers scroll down to read your post without clicking immediately, it follows them. The Hello bar can be a powerful tool for lead generation.


3. Present an exclusive content


If you have offered people free ways to improve their business, this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep something back for those who are ready to give a little more in exchange of more information. Provoke your readers to access your services more, with the exclusive content which will help them even more from the free access services.

The key to achieve this is by providing value to your regular blog post along with the exclusive content.


4. Opt for welcome redirect


Suppose you have created a content and you think it would be beneficial for your viewers then you can use this to generate leads by considering the term “welcome redirect”. WordPress is offering a plugin that will help you to direct your website visitors towards the lead capturing page even before they reach your blog.

Also, prefer A/B test so that you can judge your conversion rate whether it is beneficial or not.  


5. Reach your influencers


Reach your influencers


Till now we have discussed the ways how to use your blog as lead generation technique. But this requires a bit more effort. Firstly, you have to focus on identifying influencers. Go for the help of social networks to find those accounts that have a huge engagement. Secondly, you have to put an effort to encourage their engagements. Like retweeting them on Twitter, liking their contents on Facebook and commenting on their posts. The main aim of doing this is to make yourself observable to them. The more they are able to identify you the more you are familiar with them. Thirdly, you have to reach them in the way that no one else has done. As we all know that influence receives a huge amount of emails daily for the promotional activities, the only thing which you have to keep in mind is that your tone should be friendly so that it increases the chance to receive the positive response.  


Wrapping Words


These were some of the techniques which can help you to generate leads with your blogs. Hope this blog post was beneficial for you and you might have got some ideas on how you can generate leads for your business.
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