Landing pages are created with the motive to impress the potential customers. Also, you are able to prove your customers that why you are better from others. Or another thing which you can consider is a video which will relay each and everything to your customers with a short but best video. To know your visitors better you have to put yourself in place of your customers and think what they want from your side.  

If you wish to consider my suggestion then I must say that landing page videos are the best mode to double the conversion rate on the landing page. This is the main reason why the top websites which are having other websites too have videos for their landing page and websites.

So what’s blocking you? Just go for the option of videos for your landing page.


The Obstacle



So what’s blocking you? This was the question which I asked you in the above paragraph. The answer, which I could guess is money and time. These two might be the reasons why you are not providing videos on your landing page. You might be thinking that creating video is time-consuming and quite expensive process. But there are various online software available which can help you in creating a video for your landing page and that too in no time and preferable budget.  

Now when we have overcome this obstacle then it’s time to look for what will create an amazing video for your landing page.


1. Bang-on Script


Bang-on Script


To get more conversions on your landing page it is needed that your video should be excellent and that also with the best quality. As no one wishes to watch any video which is not providing any efficient information.

As per the rule, your video should include your company’s introduction, show your products, services, and features. Also, answers to all the queries of your customers.


2. CTA button


 CTA button


As your main motive is to get more conversion to your landing page so to get the same you have to provide a clear call to action button on the video of your landing page. Now you might be thinking why? So the answer to this is because by the end of your video your viewers might get convinced to receive the amazing deal which you are offering them. And for this, they won’t have to move anywhere else as you have provided a clear call to action button. They will just have to click on that and receive your services. As your motive is to make their task easy.


3. Test for the Perfection


Test for the Perfection


I would be lying if I say that any video which you create will drive you desired conversions. Here the main thing which you should consider is focusing on the video which is driving you more conversions. The landing page video is the landing page element which should be tested thoroughly. For this, you can perform the A/B testing. As your landing page will help you to analyze what kind of video content is providing you more conversions.

A landing page video will help you to get the desired conversion traffic. So I suggest take the advantage of the same and judge the traffic which you receive on your landing page.


Over to you


With no doubt, the videos of your landing page will let you get more traffic to your website as it is providing viewers a brief knowledge about your company. So just move on with the video creation idea and analyze the changes.

Hope you like this blog post and the ideas discussed in the above-mentioned paragraphs. Share your views and feel free to discuss your issues and may also suggest us.