To get the quality leads you to need to first dig out the unwanted and unproductive leads. You shouldn’t waste time in collecting the unwanted leads which are non profitable to your business. Always try to focus towards the leads which are agreeing to your services and products. As we find various social media platform whose roles are increasing day by day in the field of business so, try to identify and target them as you can get your potential customers easily on these platforms.

So by going through this reassurance, you might not be having any doubt regarding the effectiveness of the social media. So to let you know more on the advantage of social media to generate B2B leads go through the below-mentioned strategies.


1. Resourcing social media platforms to align your business


Make use of correct social media to align your business


As we know that, not every social media platforms are compatible for your business. So you need to focus on the right social media channel. And this totally depends on the target which you are trying to achieve as every social media has its own specific audience. So for the very first approach determine the platform on which you would like to focus and in accordance to that go with just one option. If you try to divert your focus on multiple platforms it’s not a blunder but you will find them demanding. You might not get consistent results. This may lead you to frustration. So to avoid that you should first know what is working for you and what’s not. Once you have an idea on this, measure it and then proceed to the next, if needed.  


2. For B2B leads : Use LinkedIn


With no doubt, it makes a lot of sense if you want to initiate your B2B leads on social media. LinkedIn should be your first priority. As it is providing you the platform where most of the professional are already present to help you. Moreover to generate more leads you need to create your own connections with others who are present on social media.


For B2B leads : Use LinkedIn


But the only difference you would find on LinkedIn is that you are not present here to socialize as you do on Facebook or Twitter. It is where you find professionals who go beyond their business or career and do not make connections with the people of similar interest. Then you should focus on optimizing your professional profile. So that you are able to make a good impression on your viewers. For the further approach create your own group.

Create your own group


Before creating any group you need to first think what you are trying to achieve? Like if you would like to sell the products to the marketers then you should create a marketer’s group.

Create your own group

Once you have successfully created your own group, then you have to be quite conscious while adding the group members. Keep your motive straight while creating that group. Focus on your professional life and according to that target the right people.


3. Directly connect with your probable leads


If you consider LinkedIn then you should try to first convince your customers with an authentic invitation message. For example, you can mention, your bonding will be profitable for both the parties, search for any similarity between you and that person like same state or university, etc. Once the approval for connections is done try to have engagement with them. And when you observe that it is the right time to provide them the sample of your services or products then provide them the same.   


4. Twitter is the unique player in the lead generation strategy


Well, I’m not saying that Twitter will be the favored channel for a B2B lead generation but it has no harm in covering every corner. As Twitter is now allowing businesses to like your specific Tweets for your targeted users even if they wouldn’t follow you. And to make it more interesting Twitter ask businesses to generate advertisements which other followers will love to comment on, favorite and Retweet.


Twitter is the unique player in the lead generation strategy


Similar to Facebook, Twitter is also offering you target marketing. Like your ads will be visible to specific criteria. The tailored audience allows creating a lineup of the ideal users whom you can spot on Twitter. Thus adding tailored audience will help you to target with the specific tweets.


Wrapping Words


There is no doubt that you can be the boss of Internet marketing. You can generate leads with the help of social media as it all about researching and formulating the plan that should work for your business as well as for you.

The above-mentioned points will help you generate leads for your B2B. Share your views on this blog post and feel free to advise us too, to add some points if needed. We would love to get some.