Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites. This is the site which is becoming the biggest contenders in the world of social media. And it is well known that visual content has always increased the shareability factor. And if we talk about its popularity, then I must say it is quite popular among the celebrities. It is the perfect platform for keeping in touch with the stars and friends you follow. Wait, then what about businesses?

Well, there are businesses which are getting benefits and success from their content strategies on Instagram. Well, before we move further I would like to remind you all that it would be a tough job for anyone to succeed on Instagram if you consider it similar to other social media platforms.  

So before we move further with the topic I would assume that you are already using Instagram as an option to succeed in digital marketing field. Many businesses are moving forward in the Instagram pool but not all of them are getting success as they were getting with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. So with the content of this post, we would try to make an improvement on that.


The Statistics that matters


The Statistics that matters


Before we should move further with the ideas to generate leads, engagements and sales on Instagram let’s first peep into the stats that you need to know:

  • 70% of Instagram users look for brands on Instagram.
  • 78% of users make their purchase based on brand’s activity on Social Media.
  • 67% of the users says that the more detailed image they get, the more it influences their decision to purchase.
  • Also, it was found that 37% of Instagram users are following five brands account whereas, 32% of them are following more than five.


So what does the above information make you aware of?

  • Social media platform is an important aspect of any marketing approach.
  • Instagram is the feasible option for generating leads, sales, and traffic.
  • Instagram users are always waiting for you and if you aren’t present their then you may loose them.

Well, the positive point about the Instagram users is that they are quite active and can assure you to receive a great engagement if and only if you are having the right audiences.  But for this, first, you need to grow your audience and then can get the desired result.   

The moment you pursue right audience you can trace the correct path to get success.


Step 1


Get more Followers


Get more Followers


Before you focus on the above-mentioned points you need to first start growing your followers. You can get some traffic if you could use hashtags which are search. Also, mind it, when someone follows you this doesn’t mean that you should boost up your ego, as they did this only to see the posts which you are making. Further, if you are searching for some posting ideas then I would say that 90% of your content should provide some value to your followers while the 10% can be the promotional one.


1. Know who are your customers

Well, if you want more followers then it becomes crucial to know who are your followers, who like to follow you. You can focus on these questions, this will sure help you :

  • Which content of mine is getting more engagement?
  • Who is the one, engaged with my brand?
  • Whom I’m trying to attract?
  • Which time of the day my audiences are getting engaged with my brand?


2. Prefer posting targeting content


When you are posting a targeting content then your main aim should be, to focus on the facts that how your audience will encourage, engage and appreciate your content. And the difficult part here is to craft your content and make posts which drive you sales. For getting better result focus on the following:

  • Your post should have high-quality images.
  • It should have strong engaging captions.
  • Use proper hashtags in proper quantity.

Step 2


Prefer a strong Marketing Way


Prefer a strong Marketing Way


With this point, I mean that you have to move out and be active in your marketing efforts. As marketing doesn’t mean that you just make your posts and wait for something to happen. Rather you have to be active and also show your engagement. After all, we all know that social media is about being social. So how would you get noticed? Any guesses? Well, here are some of the mentioned points:

  • The most simple one is to like and comment on others content. This will help you to boost-up your visibility.
  • Indulge in a discussion with others, on your business account. This provides you a great way to find engagement with the user-generated content.
  • Like the personal posts of your followers. Many Instagram users feel appreciated and noticed when they see people are following them back.     


Step 3


Make it easy to purchase


Make it easy to purchase


By following the above two steps you are now quite close to your success. So to reach your goal you should focus on to provide a strong image, a proper call-to-action button, Bio link, landing page and then the consistency and finally end with a Buy now Button.

As already mentioned above that you are close to your success you need to focus individually on the above series and then you are done.


Over to you


These were the three steps which would help you to increase your Instagram leads, engagements and sales.

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your thoughts on this blog post for sure.