Social media is a big platform where people globally interact with each other. The platform where you are able to make new connections from different corners of the world. Social media has now become an effective tool for lead generation. Thus, has opened a path for the businesses to grow their visibility and brand awareness.

Before moving on to the topic, let’s first talk about what is lead generation? It can be defined as the initialization of customers interest for some products or the services of any business. When someone asks me what I do, I cannot simply say that I make contents to generate leads. They couldn’t understand the exact thing. So instead of replying that I can say that I work for finding ways to attract people for my business and provide them goodies so that they can naturally generate interest in my business.   

We have various development in the use of social media thus have developed various tactics of using them to generate leads. So what about the engagements of people on social media? Let’s have a look.
 People's engagements on social media


The above graph will show you the engagement of people on the various social media platform. So let’s move on to the ideas which can help you in generating leads for your business through social media.


Generate leads on Social Media for your business

1.  Promote gated content


 Promote gated content


The main purpose of gated content is only lead generation. This is the most common online tactic to generate leads on social media. Gated contents are the contents that require passing through some specific process providing your contact to access it. On social media, you can use gated content for promoting any specific piece of content. The moment people click on the link they will be directed towards your landing page.

This gate will provide the information to the people before they can access the content, thus help in eliminating people who have a casual interest in your content and the one who doesn’t have any. Many businesses share the information in their content knowing that it can get them sales but there are some who are quite conscious about the subject of discussion.   

Thus promoting a gated content directly to the followers is an easy way to generate leads. As you are able to gather details about the prospects also it will help in another secondary role to generate a lead.

2. Focus on the contests


Focus on the contests


Well, organizing a contest is an easy way to get engagements of potential viewers also can gather information. Its main focus is to create something that is related to your product or the services. Like for example, anyone who enters the contest will be offered a trip to Hawaii or anything else. Just flooding people to the content will not work you have to look for the qualified leads whose being can provide benefits to you.   

Try offering your clients a free trial of your products or free upgrade of the higher tier of services. The people who have joined your contest should have an interest in your offerings.  

Also, if you want your contest should be a super hit then you have to find the ways to make huge engagements. For this, you can prefer linking/retweeting/sharing/following. Or can provide the form on your landing page.  

3. Advertising on the social media


If you are targeting people on the basis of their connections or your own then can opt for Twitter targeting. No matter where your audience is Twitter ads can help you in targeting people. Also, you are able to target those people who are similar to your followers. This is a great way to get targeted audience.      

Twitter targeting


If you are going for Facebook then I must say that, for many people, Facebook, is more valuable for targeting people. Facebook, allow you to target people according to their behavior.     


Facebook targeting

4. Consider Geotargeting


Geotargeting has helped many businesses to get the best result for creating their brand awareness. Many businesses prefer connecting with their local audience to expand their business base.

Over to you


These were some of the points which you can consider to generate leads on social media. These points will for sure help your business growth. For more ideas follow our blogs on socioleads