If we consider the past then Inbound marketing has got a lot of press in the last decades. When you punch the term in Google you can find countless worded articles about the delighted customers and their building relationship with a different prospect.

On the other hand, when you punch the term outbound marketing you can find a million fewer results which are filed with the negative language such as irrelevance, interruption and in-your-face. Whereas you can find some blogs that even proclaim it’s death.

So if people proclaim that outbound marketing is dead and we are living in inbound marketing, then why businesses seem to be questioning that which method is the most effective one to generate leads and what can you say about this graph?


Outbound lead generation effectiveness


Why the same businesses rank in inbound and outbound marketing have a similar scale in 1 to 10?
Type of Marketing


The answer is quite obvious that outbound marketing is still alive and is well. And it still plays a valuable part in the process of lead generation.

So before we move further let’s understand the difference between the inbound and the outbound marketing.


Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing


To clarify the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing we should consider the term that was coined by Seth Godin in the late 90’s that is interruption marketing and permission marketing.  

The Interruption marketing that is outbound marketing is a strategy that you are more familiar with than you realize. It can refer to the marketing tactics that is responsible for disrupting our daily routine – during TV shows, busses, sign messages, etc.  Whenever they wish to, they can interrupt your TV shows and you have to listen to them which is not prevailing in today’s era.

By the year 2007, 72% of the Americans had added their number to the list do not call, so that they can avoid the telemarketers. Then after 7 years that is, in 2014, a study showed, 84% of people wanted fast forward through commercials and about 60% of them recorded or downloaded TV shows. Now the consumers have more control on what they see than before. A study has shown that 81% of the buyers prefer researching online before they purchase.

With this shift in the way which people buy has forced the businesses to turn their attention towards a new kind of marketing that is known as inbound or permission marketing. We can say that the practice of you sharing something about you and we sharing something about us is termed as lead generation, in the marketing term.

So if we consider that permission is a new model and outbound is the outdated one, then why some businesses still say that they are having equal importance for the lead generation process?


What is outbound lead generation?

1. It is about permission

It depends on how businesses get subscriber Email addresses. The real permission is like if you stop showing up people will start complaining about the same. Here the expectations are clear that if I gave you my Email address and you should send me a weekly Emails about the marketing trends. This kind of straight agreement, businesses should focus on generating leads.  


2. It is not about money

If you are teaming with an influencer so that you can focus on cross promotion, then it is considered as an outbound method.  The basic point which you should consider is that inbound marketing focuses on preparing so that they can be founded for the researching prospect whereas, outbound marketing focuses on pushing your messages to the crowd to get it found.


Also, it is changing with the technology.

Outbound marketing Tactics


Benefits of Outbound marketing for Lead generation


  • It quickly builds awareness.
  • It helps to attract new businesses.

Effective ways to attract new businesses

  • It helps to earn attentions.


So how can you combine the above-mentioned benefits with the inbound marketing? Read the following:

  • Know your targeted audience.
  • Create valuable, free, SEO contents.
  • Then amplify those content with the outbound methods.
  • Then you can generate traffic to the landing page.    

Over to you


These were some of the points which can help you in generating leads with the outbound marketing strategies. Also, there are points which can assure you that how outbound marketing strategies are beneficial lead generation purpose.

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