Inbound marketing has always proven to be an asset to generate leads. It is holistic. It is having a data driving approach that helps you to leverage the content of your website so that you can engage buyers who are researching your services and products online then they convert them into leads.

It works in both the B2B and B2C situations

and reflects the way how people buy things in the present digital environment. But what if you aren’t having any marketing support or marketing team? What will you do if you wish to generate leads for your own?

It was found that a number of sales professionals don’t have any kind of marketing support but still wish to strike the desired result. Well, luckily, inbound sales strategy provide different ways to fulfill that need.

Many successful salespeople have already practiced different tactics for lead generation. As they know that sales are about consulting prospect’s problems and closing deals.     

So now I’m going to present you the ways which can help you to generate leads of your own.


1. Move on to social media


Most of the salespersons are present on LinkedIn but are not using it efficiently to generate the best result. As per the dream of every salesperson to have high-value and low-effort ways to get their desired result, social media is the best way to opt.  

Here are few points which you should consider to be sure that your LinkedIn profile should look as a professional one.

  • Post your current professional picture that can reflect your professional look.
  • Try to have more and more connections and certainly, you will get a wider reach.
  • Prefer posting in the “Share an Update” area. This will help you in getting a specific result.


2. Post blogs or articles on LinkedIn


It is advised to post blogs on LinkedIn along with some offer like a free consultation for few minutes. But not to forget that blogging is a real conversation technique and you have to choose such topics that are simple as well as similar for answering standard questions. Like you perform every day about your products.


3. Ask for references


Ask for references


You can ask for the reference of your current clients. And everyone admits that referrals are always effective but in some cases, it becomes difficult to implement that effectively. Well, you can go through these six steps to proceed further:

  1. Talk to your account manager that your customers are happy or not.
  2. Ping your clients through calls and have a little conversation with them.
  3. Thank your clients and explain them that you are interested in making a strong bonding with your clients and are interested in building more valuable clients.
  4. Ask whether there are other contacts who might be interested in similar kind of service as yours.
  5. Ask whether they can show their interest with an introduction email.
  6. Prefer extra credits like sending them T-shirt or some kind of outfit, appreciating them for their reference. This will help you to move on in a long way.


4. Prefer attending Networking events


Prefer attending Networking events


Why not consider face-to-face interaction in 2017? Attending such events should be the part of your routine, as this can provide you a great way to enhance the reach of your business. Carry your business card always with you. Offer people to connect you on LinkedIn. This has always proved to be the best ever approach in making connections and spreading your business.


Over to you


The above mentioned were some of the best ways which can help you to generate leads regardless of your market support. These ways will for sure help you and lead you to the path of success.

Hope you find this blog post efficient and will apply the same for your business. Share your views on this post via a comment we would love to know some.