Before we start I would like to point out some points. You might have cracked Facebook and Twitter conversion on your landing page but when it comes to Instagram it has its own challenges. Well, for instance, do you know that you are able to add only one link to your profile? Also, that you cannot make any of the images or the videos linkable?

Instagram might be the slow burner when E-commerce conversion is considered but with its million users base, no brand can afford to ignore it. In this blog post, I would like to discuss how you can drive success for your marketing campaigns just by connecting Instagram ads to your landing page.


1. Know your Audience


Know your Audience


If you wish to know about the importance of growing your social media following then can for sure get the same from any social media article. It will also let you focus on the quality rather than the quantity. As having millions of followers will not work here, having million of interested followers will do. The concern here is about the one, whom you want to target with your posts. Further, you are interested in creating buyers and once you are done with that then you have to make sure that you target them with your Instagram posts so that you can ensure high conversion towards your landing page.


2. Don’t go alone


Don't go alone


There is always some reasons behind everything, right? Similarly, there is a reason why Instagram is termed as a social network. As the only idea is to make connections with others and not to be a one-man brand who is marching to its own tune. You have to connect with other brands, people, products, places, and businesses that are relevant to your company and start making likes and comments on the others content. And then you have to link up with them so that they will do it right back.        

Apply the same technique with the influencers of your own field. These influencers are those people who are having a real reach with the people whom you are willing to get connected. Now you have to make connection with them and show them why your services or products are excellent. And if you succeeded in this then can access their relevant followers.  


3. Provide exclusive incentives


Provide exclusive incentives


It may be a good decision to post the same offers across your social media channels. But if you will offer an exclusive incentive especially for your Instagram followers, then they will feel like they are valued and are considered as potential customers. It will also allow you to target the audience who prefer Instagram than other social networks.   

The only motive here is to make customers feel that they are more connected with your brands. For this, you can extend your exclusive content beyond the discount codes. This will help them to increase their engagement and turn them into more loyal shoppers.


4. Judge different call to action


Judge different call to action


What is the aim of every photo or video you post on Instagram? It may be you want your followers to tag their friends or give their feedback or something else. It may be anything. But the thing to consider here is that you have to include a relevant call-to-action. If you find that a giveaway earns more followers to you by asking people to comment and like on any photo but none of them had ever bought anything from you then in that case you need to change the call-to-action. Perhaps, in that case, you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter or share with friends. 

Try to extend this call-to-action link in your profile but remember that clickable links within the photos are not allowed in Instagram. Unless and until your URL is simple and short don’t bother it.


5. Use hashtags that are memorable


Use hashtags that are memorable


We all are quite aware of the use of hashtags, right? But if you manage to create your own hashtags and make it different as well as interesting then it would be better. As the use of hashtags is also providing a great opportunity to tap into the user-generated contents.


Over to you

Nothing is impossible to get the only thing to consider is that you go through the correct place to find that. The above mentioned were some of the points which can help you to drive more Instagram users to your landing page.

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