Have you ever thought why your webinar list isn’t filled yet? Though your landing page looks good, it follows every rule for optimization of the landing page still receiving a steady flow of traffic. Further, you aren’t able to fill your webinar guest list.

Isn’t that confusing why this is so? The reason is hiding on your landing page, somewhere deep in your dashboard. And this can lead you bad traffic.


Why having a great landing page is not enough?


Why having a great landing page is not enough?


There is no doubt that creating an awesome landing page is necessary to receive more conversions but we cannot guarantee that. This is so because it is the only ⅓ of the conversion equation. Well, if you wish to get the same then you should go through these steps:

  • Drive traffic to your page using social media, email, and PPC.
  • Create, publish and optimize your landing page.
  • Nurture your leads with a great thank you page and email follow-up.

Now we are going to talk about the consequences which can take place if any one of the above is not working properly and how badly it can affect your conversation rate.


How to be informed whether you are receiving wrong traffic?


How to be informed whether you are receiving wrong traffic?


If you had followed every rule of the landing page and are receiving a steady flow of the traffic then you should know that IMPACT claims that you should expect to convert visitors to around at least 2.35%.

But you are unable to get that benchmark then you should take a closer look towards your page’s elements:

  • Does your page have a strong call to action?
  • Did you write benefit-oriented copy?
  • Have you ever leveraged your customer’s testimonials?

So what’s your answer to the above-mentioned questions? Is it Yes? If so then look at this analytics and find it.


Your Bounce rate is effective?


So what is bounce rate? According, to Google bounce rate, is defined as “the % of single page visits”. With the addition to this definition, Kissmetrics adds that “bounce rate is the measure of visit quality and a high bounce rate indicates that the site’s landing page aren’t relevant to their viewers”.
Google use to determine whether your page worth visiting or not. If you are having a high bounce rate then your page will be placed lower in the search engine which signifies that you are receiving less traffic and few opportunity for the conversion purpose.

So let me remind you about the average bounce rate for the landing page that is about (70 to 90)% and if you receive the same or more than this range then it clarifies that you are not reaching the right people for your page.


Bounce Rate


So what are the things which you should keep in mind? For this, ask yourself that would be the better option to judge your work yourself.


List of Questions which you should ask yourself?

1. Am I having an effective tag management strategy?


If you are ignoring the power of marketing strategy that is “tag” then this could be your biggest mistake. You are leaving an opportunity to find more about your page’s visitors. This can allow the 3rd party software to perform things like:

  • Deliver advertising
  • Give instructions to the browser to collect data.
  • Read cookies and drop cookies.
  • Combine 3rd content on the site, for example, videos players and social media widget.


2. Am I opting the right channel to make my promotions?


For example, if your primary wish is to target males and let them arrive on your landing page by using Pinterest then you are wrong at this time. Because only a few percentage of male use Pinterest.

So need to make research on different channels and their engagements then you can get a good traffic to your landing page.


3. Am I focusing on the right target?


As per advised as ever, the key for a good advertisement is to know your efficient audience. You can make use of designed tools to learn more on the people’s engagements who are visiting your landing page. For example, you can consider Facebook audience insights.

And if you are not experiencing the advantage of the same then you are wasting your time to reach your audience.


4. Are my services trustworthy?

If you are getting a high impression of clicks but not the conversions then I must say you are not doing your homework effectively. For this, firstly, make sure that your landing page is optimized. And if you find that it takes time for you to find out from where those impressions are coming then it might be the result of deceptive tactics which can make you lose money also, harm your brand.


Over to you


When bad traffic is considered their knowledge becomes your power. Go through the above-mentioned points and extract the root of bad traffic from your landing page. Hope the above-mentioned points are clear to you.

And if not then feel free to share your queries with us. We would love to solve them. Further, you can follow our blogs on socioleads for more such updates.