In 2017 new technology and trends change the face of Digital Marketing and make it more friendly and generous for the growth of your business.

As good marketers, it is very important to keep yourself updated with a new marketing strategy to generate leads for your business.

You must know about the digital marketing trends are coming to make good relationship with your audience. How to use a different platform for reaching more customer these all strategy is up to you.

Through this article, I will let you know about the Digital Marketing Trends that are going to be special tool in 2017 for marketers to generate leads.

Artificial Intelligence

This modern technology removes workloads for the marketer’s brain. Most of the company are using this technology to provide a better support system to their customer. This technology gives the new way to connect with your customer.

A big company like Facebook, Amazon, IBM having their own platform for AI. The benefit of using AI for your business is interesting and help you to make your process faster. Many brands are using it especially for customer service so that they can resolve their problem quickly.

There are a number of bots which can help your business with the picking of call, Take notes, data Scraping, Targeting right audience for your business and much more.

“Buy Button” on social media platform

In 2017 Social media comes with a lot of change in their application for marketers to provide them better marketing experience and they can easily generate leads for their business.

“Buy Button” was introduced in 2016. And most of the business are taking benefit of “Buy Button” on their Business page. Social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest had already added this “Buy Button”.

Today most of the people are spending their time on Social network. So getting traffic for your business social network is the best platform. “Buy Button” help you to sell your product directly on the social media page. Even you can drive the audience to your product website also.

Livestream Video

This technology is totally new and interesting one. As marketers, you must understand the power of video. This is the best way to connect and target your audience.

You can use this technology in a different manner. with Livestream video, you can show things which you never bring it before in front of your audience. You can connect with your customer in real time. Livestream Video helps you to create trust and leads for your brands.

Handle Cross Device Marketing

Mobile device becomes more advance. People are accessing the Internet on a number of devices.

Now in coming year there will be a growth in wearables. Brand not only make sure that they can communicate with their customers on a Mobile Gadgets, Computer. They should also make himself ready for wearables.

Today people in office only make a search on their desktop. But at home again they connect with their mobile. So Brand have to be active to make leads for their products. They must check that their brand website is responsive or not. They must provide Interface through which users can easily login on a number of devices.


These are the few trends which will help your business to generate leads. But the most important things is that what you think about your brand and how you make a strategy to use this trends. Because to get good results in Digital Marketing it important to understand the path that you are following for your business. In 2017 this application will help you to create a good relationship with your customer and will give you better experience.