Finally, you’ve decided to start your online marketing and want to generate quality leads for your business. That’s a great thing!

As a well-wisher of your business, I’m providing you with a step-by-step guide for making a successful lead generation campaign that brings you loads of quality leads for your business.

If you are not much sure, read it here why Lead Generation is Important.

The step-by-step guide for Lead Generation campaigns

A perfect plan for a campaign yields the desired results. So here, we are presenting a step-by-step guide for lead generation campaigns.

Step1: Determine your target audience

You try to sell a kids’ toy to a teenager. Is it making any sense? Can you make a sale with this targeting?

So the first important thing is to determine the target audience for your business. Just a part of the millions of people found on social networks and email networks are going to be your customers (if not right at the moment, somewhere in the future).

For example, to sell a kid’s toy, you need to target the parents of kids, people who are going to be parents in the near future or the newly married people. Then it works for your business.

However, this is not an easy task that you may think. This involves a lot of research. You must know who are your customers and what are the characteristics of them. Later, you need to sift all the user data you have with you to select your targets.

Step 2: Setting up firm goals

It is not just generating quality leads as many as possible. This is not the right way of goal setting. There should be some measurement that indicates how you perform. For this, you can keep the past campaign results as a benchmark. And be specific in number-  this number of leads, this rate of conversions, or this CTR etc.

If you haven’t set any such goals, just give a small break to your current running campaigns. Set your goals and Measure if the results that you have achieved so far are on par with the goals. And them, resume your campaigns and keep on measuring the results.

Step 3: Offer takeaways- Right ones to the right people

Offers worked then. They work now and will work forever. Users want to get something better at a cheaper price. So here is what you need to do:

Determine what stage of a buyer’s journey your target audience are at and what they love to have.

offer your takeaway

Well, let’s assume you are a B2B marketer. If you are targeting an entrepreneur who has established their venture recently, they love the beginner guides and growth hack tips. If they started some years ago, you need to offer them case studies of new strategies and tips to get better results.

You have to study the behavior of your targets and then decide what works with them.

Step 4: Landing page

Now comes the landing page. It is the place where you have to convince your prospects to accept your example of landing page

A persuasive landing page consists of many elements like a captivating headline, expressive media content, easy-to-digest copy, credible testimonials, a good lead generation form and a firm Call-to-action button.

Take care of each one of these elements and prepare a perfect landing page.

Step 5: The ‘Thank You’ page

Oh, yes! Your landing page convinced your prospect to accept your offer. They have filled up the form to grab the offer.

In fact, they did a favour for you. Then you must say ‘Thank You’.

lead generation campaign- thank you page

Here comes the Thank You page. But this is not just to convey your gratitude. It has its own purpose. It can:

  • Make your prospect feel proud that you value him/her
  • Lead them to another offer that may be useful for them and
  • Give a chance to interact more with your prospects.

Step 6: Go with ‘Technology Stacks’

‘Technology stacks’ is nothing but a collection of software that you use to automate your marketing or take care of your marketing aspects.

There are plenty of software tools that you can use at each phase of your marketing. For example, you can use Google Dynamic Remarketing to serve ads to your prospects who don’t convert easily.

You can use tools like Socioboard or Hootsuite to automate your social media actions. CRM software like Salesforce and email marketing tool like MailChimp – the list goes on. It entirely depends on your business and its goals to decide which tools you should go with.

Step 7: Testing your campaign

Before launching your campaign, you have to test. There may be some hidden errors that would disturb your campaigns. For example, your link to the landing page may not work properly. Or some elements on your landing page may miss something crucial. You have to take care of all these things.

Just step into the shoes of your prospects. Check the ads that are served to you and make sure the content is captivating. First, impress yourself.

Once you checked each and every aspect of your campaign, then you can plunge into the battle field.

Step 8: Driving Traffic

Now, you have to drive traffic to your landing page. Make sure your ads are served to the right people at the right times. Know the platforms where your audiences are active.

You can use analytics and data of other competitors so that, you could know more details of your target audience.

Step 9: Keep Monitoring the campaign

From the moment you started your campaign, you have to keep track of it. Integrate your landing page with analytics tools like Google Analytics so that, you can get keep track of what’s going on with your campaign.

Keep your primary goal in mind and check if you are getting the results on par with it. If not, pause the campaign, check where you have to improve and resume the campaign.


And at the end of the campaign, analyze the entire campaign once. You may or may not achieve the exact results you expected of the campaign. Check for the weaker and stronger aspects of the campaign. Save the records and use them for your next campaign.

Repeat the same steps, but with more expertise and precision. As a beginner, all you can do is learning from your mistakes and excel in those particular aspects. The end result would be a bunch of quality leads that can be your loyal customers. All the best!