Lead generation takes the initiation of a successful online marketing campaign. As the well-known proverb says, ‘well begun is half done’. If you generate quality leads for your marketing, you are close to making your venture successful.

And we are here to help you with this regard. We are going to share valuable tips, strategies and success stories.

Well, let’s start it from the scratch level. With this post, I’m going to tell you what Lead Generation is and the challenges it brings.

Leads for Marketing

In marketing, the term ‘Lead’ refers to a person who shows some interest in your business. The first stage of marketing your products is to identify the people who are showing some interest in your business. They can be your customers and so, you should try selling your products to those particular people only.

Lead Generation

Having this all said, it is clear that first, you need to find out your leads. And this process of marketing is called Lead Generation. The very basic way of generating leads is to spread some awareness of your business, collect the data of people who respond to your awareness campaigns and sell your product to them with persuasion.

lead generation cycle

In this socialized world (thanks to the enormous social media networks), one can easily find leads for one’s business on any social media platform. In the course of time, we are going to learn many things about Lead Generation and tips & better practices for generating quality leads.

Is it essential?

Observing the scenario, we can explore that the way of marketing has been changed. In earlier days, there were a handful of companies that the competition was unnoticeable. And the customers used to find the businesses. But very soon later, the situation was changed. The number of businesses increased and so is the competition. Now, marketers are putting great efforts in finding the customers and generating sales.

In this scenario, it is clear that Lead Generation is the first and foremost element of marketing a product successfully.


What are the challenges?

Marketers are facing some challenges with Lead Generation for their business. Here, I’m covering some of the prominent challenges that most of the marketers are facing.

1. Selecting the platform to act on

There are a lot many platforms for marketers to act on. They can use emails, social media or search engines to go under the radar of the target audience.

Selecting a right platform depends on the type business. If it is B2B marketing, emails marketing is a good solution. Some of the social networks also work too good for B2Bs. if it is a B2C marketing, social media platforms are formidable. But, they need to choose among the bunch of social networks.

platforms for lead generation

2. Generating quality leads

Reaching customers is the main objective of marketing and lead generation. However, lead generation brings the biggest challenge with generating quality leads.

Not everyone who clicks on your ad is going to make a purchase. People have their own purposes in subscribing to your newsletter or signing up for the webinar program of you. Only some of them are going to convert into a customer. Those leads only could be called Quality Leads.

On the lead generation form (a form to sign up for a newsletter or to register for a webinar etc), some queries to be filled are optional for the user. Most of the people don’t fill the optional blanks. But unfortunately, most of the optional fields are the factors that decide if the audience is a quality lead or not.

Only 35% of the marketers are making it mandatory to fill all the fields to submit the form. Whereas, 47% of the marketers feel that if the users fill the optional fields as well, they will generate quality leads for their business.

lead generation challenges

3. Creating Attractive Content

The universal fact,”Content is King”. You need to impress your target audience with your content and make them take an action in favour of your business. But most of the marketers take it as a simple thing. They don’t prefer quality content as it takes some effort and time. But the time and effort you put in churning out quality content never go vain. They yield worthy results.



Besides these challenges, there are many other factors that prove that lead generation is not as easy as everyone thinks. As it is the deciding factor of your sales further, you should not ignore any minute aspect of your lead generation endeavours.

In my next article, I’m going to tell you how you can overcome the challenges of Lead Generation and many more tips for better results.

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