For competing the growing competition of the present world many marketing agencies get engaged in some of the risky behavior which was found in a research. And the worst thing is that they may not even realize the same.
In a report, it was revealed that 90% of them agree that their primary source of business is referrals. But this is not an issue that you are considering referrals for your new business as in the starting point of business many of them go for the same. Have a look.


From the above graph, you might be clear that how efficiently one can generate leads for their agency. No doubt there are various options but referrals work great.

So how can one initiate a lead generation campaign?


Steps to follow for Lead Generation Campaign


Step 1

Determine your Targeted Audience


An efficient client is the one who can prove himself or herself as an asset for the business. So it is better advised to avoid the clients who will not turn into an asset for your business. To do so you have to start a research to figure out who is your targeted audience. Mark who are your current customers, then interrogate the best one so that you can get ideas about some of the things like their goals, background, where they use to spend more time online and more.

And when you think that you have learned everything about your audience then you can focus on your marketing campaigns, target prospects, etc and then move on.


Step 2

Set your Campaign goals


Set your Campaign goals


It is better advised to start your campaign with certain goals, consider the specific ones. But just having specific goals will not work, you have to consider your past performances. As that can be considered as a benchmark to move on with the specific number of leads, visits, conversion rate, etc. If you haven’t kept the track of your previous performance then better start doing that and try to figure out what’s working for your business and what’s not.

Try to determine the average value of your present customers this will help you in determining how many extra customers are needed to hit the sales from the current campaigns. And then calculate how many leads your sales team manage to convert into your clients.


Step 3

Focus on the offers which you provide


Focus on the offers which you provide


Try to attract your customers by providing them attractive offers. The offer which they actually wish to have. You can create a fantastic offer only when you know who is going to use that and where your customers are in the buyer’s journey. So how you are going to do that? Have a look.


By creating awareness. Have a look:

  • Social media creates 83% of awareness
  • Blog posts create 81% of awareness
  • Infographics creates 81% of awareness


By consideration

  • Through white papers 78%
  • Through Websites 75%
  • Through web-based events 72%


Through Purchase

  • Case studies 47%
  • Videos 39%
  • Websites 56%
  • Research reports 39%


Step 4

Create your Landing Page


Create your Landing Page


Your landing page is the page which has to be impressive and attractive. This is the place where you are introducing your customers to all your products and services. But you have to be conscious with the elements which can help you to boost your business. So what are those elements? They are:

  • An impressive headline: You need to be quite conscious while mentioning your headline as this is the first option where you have to impress your audience.
  • Engaging Media: We all know that the best way to engage media is by providing images and videos which have always proven to be the best way to attract your audience.
  • Skimmable copy: Try providing your readers an attractive and short content. As everyone is quite busy in their daily works and would not prefer reading a lengthy content. Instead, consider mentioning your ideas in bullet form. This will attract many users to read your landing page content with an interest.
  • Call to action: We all know that the job of a call-to-action button is to compel visitors to click on that so, it has to be the one which can grab the attention of your visitors. You can make use of a colorful CTA button which will stand out on the page and people can reach to that easily.


Step 5

Drive Traffic


Drive Traffic


Well to be very frank there is no right way which can generate traffic for you.  How well you do, totally depends on your agency and their audiences. The way you make use of social media is also important. You might have received a good traffic through LinkedIn in the past but this doesn’t signify that you will get the same at present. As I said it totally depends on the way you use it.

Also, you have to recognize the signs of bad traffic, so that you can work on that as soon as possible and prevent your business from getting bad traffic.


Step 6

Analyze and optimize


Analyze and optimize


Even big companies do not get their desired achievement at once. They too need to analyze what is working good for their company and what is not. So prefer analyzing your works. And with the help of insights, you can quickly optimize your campaign.


Over to you

These were the six sure-fire steps which can help you in lead generation campaigns. So have you ever created the same before? If yes, then share your points so that we can make more improvements in our post. And if not, then try the above-mentioned steps and give your views on your experience.

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