There is a technique for every tactic. When your strategy is to convert your target audiences into loyal customers through your landing page, there is a technique to convince your prospects with an impressive landing page copy.

With a great effort, you are driving your audience to your sales page. If you fail to make them converted, all your efforts will go vain.

We won’t let it happen. If you implement the tactic with a perfect technique, you will be the successful marketer. To make it true, here are eight tips that make you a pro-sales copywriter.


1. Testimonials- Let Your Happy Customers Write It for You

If you blow your own trumpet on the sales page, no one is going to trust your business.

What is clear here?

You have to let your audience know the prospects of using your products/services, but in the voice of your happy customers.

See, how simple the technique is!

You need not put the thinking cap on to churn out content. Provide good services to your customers and they will write it for you and bring new customers. Nothing can be impressive than a testimonial from your existing customers.


testimonials on a landing page

While placing the testimonials on your landing page, try to keep them on the top and middle of the page with a picture of the customer beside the statement.

Keep in mind that the best conversion copywriters for your business are your customers. So let them write for your business.


2. Pitch the Benefits, but not the Solution

Your customers are on your landing page because they think that your business can be a solution for their problem.

This means, they know the solution and they are searching for the right tools or means. Then, what is the point in pitching the solution on your landing page?


pitch benefits of your product on landing page

Highlighting your business as a solution for their problem or telling that yours is better than your competitors’ won’t work anymore. It was a yesteryear’s technique. Now, highlighting the benefits of using your products or services works well.

Given the way your customers would think or the things they would consider to make a decision while they are on your landing page, it is better to pitch the key advantages of your products over other products available in the market. Give your customers what they are looking for in a tool as a solution for their problem.


3. Your Audiences are Skimmers. Make Content for Them

If you are searching for something and on the landing page of a product, will you be reading each and every word written over there?

I know, you won’t. You are a skimmer and so are your audiences. They don’t want to spend time reading unnecessary things. They just skim through your copy and make notes of the key points. So, you have to give the information in a way that your audience can easily digest.

For this:

  • Make a clear and appealing headline that tells your objective
  • Use a subtitle that tells the advantages of your product or service
  • Use images that reflect what your customers expect of your product
  • Give a strong Call-to-action
  • Use bullet points to give quick insights into your business
  • Keep your words simple yet informative. No need of literary prowess


4. Be Specific with Your Stats

When people know what would be the exact result, they are more likely to use the particular service or product.

Rather than telling ‘you can gain weight in no time’, you could think better of it and write ‘you can gain 5 kg weight in just 2 weeks’. This will gain the attention of your audience they would consider using it.


be specific with your stats on landing page

If you are specific with your statistics, people trust your business more. Trust brings profits. So, you can see conversions on the landing page.


5. A/B Testing

You use more than one elements on your sales copy. Right from the headline to subheadline to images to CTA buttons, there are many elements that work differently with different audiences.

You can write a headline in many ways. You have to determine which one gets you more conversions. You should determine which CTA buttons are getting more clicks.

With A/B testing, you can determine all these things and can boost up your conversions.
These are the five proven tips that can boost up the conversions on your sales page.  In a nutshell, keep in mind that your audiences are skimmers who want to check only the key points of your products. So, attract them with a clear headline, catchy images, tempting statistics and strong CTA. Before making a campaign for your sales page, make small campaigns for testing various elements on your sales page.