We all are very well aware of the Google AdWords, social media, and Email marketing. These are the tools which are used by everyone to drive traffic to their landing page and generate leads. But sometimes what is good for others may not be good for you. But this doesn’t mean that paid advertising, social media and the targeted Emails are not effective. However, there are various untold tips and plenty of methods that are more effective outside the box.  

Fortunately, if you are reading this post you don’t have to strain your brain as we are present here with some brainstorming. Now go through these untold tips for lead generation to build an even big list of individuals who are interested in your business.


1. Use YouTube


Use YouTube


There is no doubt that videos are becoming a bigger craze in the marketing puzzle for businesses today. The emergence of Twitter autoplay videos, Facebook video ads, etc is the result of the craze of videos in the business world. According to the E-marketer, about 9% of small businesses have their accounts on YouTube. And the average viewing session of YouTube watchers is around 40 minutes. If you are one of the marketers who is regularly using video posts on YouTube, then you are likely to see ROI across the board.


However, you should consider the below-mentioned tips to generate leads with YouTube:


i) Make use of Brand title Screens


At the beginning and at the end of your video, you need to display links for your landing pages where prospects can claim offers that are relevant to the content in your production.    


ii) Use Annotations


YouTube annotations are the clickable text overlays which you can add to your videos so that you can drive boosts or clicks engagements. For more information click on this video  you can notice CTA in the annotation.  


2. Connect Offline


Connect Offline


To have an excellent startup you can start a group or host an event that is relevant to your business. Just for an example if you are having an eco-friendly retail store, then you can conduct meetings that will teach people how they can live healthy using your products.        

Also, to gather like-minded people who are interested in your business, try popular social media sites.


3. Gated blog posts


Gated blog posts


With no doubt, we can say that gated content is a great strategy to grow up your subscriber list. When you have likely offered ebooks, whitepapers etc in exchange of personal information, you probably have never considered creating a gated post. Writing a gated post simply involves creating a valuable and an in-depth post for your readers.   


4. Podcasts




There is a double increase in the number of listeners of Podcasts. It was found that there are 20% of Americans who use to listen the podcast once in a month. So, should you capitalize on this growing trend of Podcasts to generate leads? Yes, of course, you not only have to write a content but also have to turn it into a podcast so that people can listen to them when are unable to read. Your content should be the same only your format should differ.

And at the end of each podcast, you have to sign off with a CTA that will drive leads or can say the clicks towards your landing page from where they are able to download other related pieces of content.


Over to you


At the end, I would like to suggest that you have to take the above mentioned untold tips as it is. No matter what you are doing, you just have to remember considering the opportunities for generating leads from podcasts, videos, classes, etc.

Share your views on this blog post via a comment in the comment box. Your reviews are important to let us judge our effort to make to you understand the importance of this post for your business.