Why would anyone consider using social media for business?

Definitely, you all use it to meet your lead generation goals. The target is to get more business through social media and new ways to generate leads. Considering any of the social media would be a great move for the business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, all are great places, to begin with.



How to Generate Leads?

Before taking any step, it’s important to get appropriate knowledge about the area where you work. To boost your social media lead generation, you need to grab all the relevant information in your field through blogs, websites, and others.

Well, here are the 4 ways to use social media for generating leads on business.

1: Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are commonly used among professionals these days as everyone has Twitter account these days. The best thing is about Twitter is its hashtag through which one can involve into chat by following the conversation. It doesn’t matter if the topic changes with each discussion.




As the more people participate in Twitter chats, the great privilege you will get to generate leads for your business. Now you must be thinking for how to participate in Twitter chats actively. Well, there are two ways of entering into Twitter chats. You can join existing Twitter chats which are related to the type of your business and another is by hosting your own Twitter chat. Involving with Twitter chats would give you an opportunity with potential customers and you can gain visibility with the right audience.

2: Facebook Advertising

Running different campaigns and posting ads on Facebook can fulfill many desirable goals, such as generating leads from the right audience. The promoted posts under news feed can engage more audience from Facebook ads.




Everyone uses Facebook to get huge traffic on their product. By the help of this social media, you can deliver quality content and get engaged in one-to-one communication. The much attractive your Ad would be, the much easily you would generate leads.

3: LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups provide us the best platform to deal with other professionals, discuss on a variety of subject areas and much more. Here also you can find potential leads by either joining an existed group or creating your own LinkedIn group.




On LinkedIn, you can join up to 50 groups and can get more leads for your business. Judge among all the groups to find out the best and actively participate on such groups where you can get more advantages. You can share your own experience and can ask any frequent question with other group members.

4: Google+ Hangouts

It is a great benefit for us that by Google+ hangouts you can directly communicate with your audiences online. Because of the Google+ hangout, we can provide different offerings of business and show them to the audience. The different types of hangouts which are beneficial for lead generation are-

  •    Customer Service Session
  •    Demos of free product
  •    Contents and giveaways
  •    Interviews with leaders and experts

Wrapping words

Social media offers a lot of opportunities to engage with customers and generate potential leads. Above there are ways to activate your social audiences and enrich you with many leads to boost your business.

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