In the past, it was believed that “If it is on the Internet, it must be true”. Many of us in today’s world still believe the same. Also, we all had collectively lost our mind by listening that we are able to charge an iPod with an onion. If this is so then why are we wasting time in purchasing chargers, we would have gone to the grocery shop, bought an onion and get our phones charged? But the interesting thing about these kinds of stories is that most of them are hoaxes.

The motto of sharing this information is that, with these fake news on the web, many people get confused and slowly move towards the state of dilemma that is, whether to trust or not the news present on the web. The same thing happens with the lead generation concept.

So in this post, we are going to discuss the myths regarding the concept of the lead generation which can prevent you from receiving harm to your marketing strategies.

Let’s first discuss what is lead generation?


Lead generation


Lead generation can be considered as the process where people are able to capture information from the prospective clientele, who have shown interest in your business. We all know that you are able to get the name and email details in exchange of downloadable sheet. No matter whatever their motivation is, these leads are imperative for your business. As lead generation is the groundwork for big email lists, customers and ultimately leads to more profits.


Myths regarding Lead Generation


Myths regarding Lead Generation

Myth #1

Can offer anything to generate leads


This the real life question which people usually ask for lead generation. No, you can’t just produce anything to generate leads most probably it won’t get converted into what you are searching for. Like you cannot just provide free movie tickets to your clients to generate leads. You have to be smart enough and do something better and offer something more relevant to the services he/she is performing. As we all want to generate such leads which provide a better return on investment and make offers in such a way that are relevant to your businesses.


Myth #2

More leads are proportional to more money


This is one of the common misconceptions which should be avoided. Many of the business people consider that more is better and start taking an approach to generate leads without even thinking about the second thoughts.

Yes, I can understand, that more customers can generate leads but not necessarily. It was found that if you are to show just a 5% increase in your business then your business can have 95% of profits.

So for this, I can say that focus on earning more profits than the leads.


Myth #3

Form sizes are better for lead generation


People usually get confused about the looks of their landing page? Well, it should have small and less content. As no one is present there to know about your marketing strategies. There shouldn’t be any lengthy discussion. Unfortunately, this also cannot claim that it will be successful in bringing you the exact traffic but yes you are opening a path to get connected with your desired leads.


Over to you

These were some of the myths which you, being a businessperson need to avoid immediately. As these myths are not beneficial for you also, will not help you to generate your desired leads.

Hope this blog post must have cleared some of your myths regarding the concept of lead generation. Share your views on this blog post and let us know the changes which you have received by going through his blog post.