You make a lot of preparation to converge traffic to your landing page. For this, you put forward your campaigns live online. But still, you are receiving low scores. Although, viewers are clicking your ads and almost everyone does that but still not able to help yourself in getting the desired top position.

Though you have focused on Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts who ask you to target on raising your keywords bids but still the result is same that is, you are not able to get the desired position in the search engine ranking. This result in the wastage of time, money as well as unfulfilled goals.

Well, getting traffic to your landing page shouldn’t be a harrowing and frustrating task. It just requires a comprehensive strategy of content marketing which holds earned, paid and owned media. It is better known by the digital marketer as Digital Marketing Trifecta.

Digital Marketing Trifecta


The paid media can boost traffic to your landing page but what about the cost? There are many industries who experience a high keywords bids. And of course, are investing a lot of money for getting clicks.  But most of the time it was found that it doesn’t convert into sales.

To overcome this situation, there are still many ways which can drive traffic to your landing page and can result in an ultimate conversation.


1. Engagement with Social Media


The moment you talk about social media the very first question which should strike your mind is that “which social media platforms are opted by your viewers where they love to spend time”? It can be Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.  

These platforms are considered as “owned media” because different brands have a full control over their accounts and efforts. It was found from a survey that driving traffic to your website is the 3rd biggest reason why people use social media. So that one can increase their brand awareness and build up their customer relationships.

Reason why people are using social media


Seriously, it makes sense, profiling of social media accounts which provide you free option to set up your own account.  

Moving a step further I would like to inform you that Facebook and Pinterest are considered as the leading platform to grab traffic.

The more you grow your audience on social media the more you can grab traffic for your landing page.

So what are the different ways which can help you in engaging your audience? Let us discuss some.


Different ways to engage audience

  • Prefer auto-publishing your new updates on the blog of your owned media and don’t forget to add a call to action button.
  • Consider posting videos and articles which are in-demand such as “how to”, etc, on Facebook which can act as your CTA.


2. Email Marketing


 Email Marketing


You might feel annoying when you receive Emails related to marketing. As there is a strong reason why marketers continue sending you Emails, as this is the way through which they use to spread their message so that they can reach some segmented audience. Yes, it is still considered.

Refer to these points which will let you know that Email marketing is still working.

  • In a survey, it was found that Email marketing is 40 times more fortunate in receiving new clients.
  • Many digital shoppers were likely to generate additional purchase all because of Email marketing.
  • It has highest conversion rate in comparison to social media. Also, direct mail purchase is made all because of targeted message.

So don’t hesitate to opt for Email Marketing.

So when your Emails should be sent?

The answer to this is during off-peak hours.


Over to you


Everything is available in this world to help you out, the only thing which you should consider is to search for it and then use it in the most efficient way. Hope I was able to provide you the same so that you can get desired traffic to your landing page.

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